Make a Lamp Shade - best way to update your wall lights or a good old chandelier!

Using shades on a chandelier or a wall light may seem like a rather dated idea, but we can't argue that the softened light can sometimes only be achieved by covering the bare bulb, especially if you are using a harsh version of an LED bulb.

So why not to experiment with colour and more contemporary shapes!

Above: David Hunt Antler chandelier ANT0599

This tall cylindrical shade in dupion silk (custom made by David Hunt, please contact us for the choice of shapes and materials) has just the right amount of luxury feel at the same time as looking slightly rustic thanks to it's pronounced texture.This classic David Hunt Antler chandelier shows that it's vivid plum colour leaves no references to the past as it helps to create an up-to-date look.

Adding Gold, Silver or Bronze lining is another brilliant way of dressing your lamp shade in a fashionable manner. Not only it will look chic, but it would also change the colour of your light for a warmer glow with gold and bronze variants and give the room extra brightness with the silvery lining.

Above: David Hunt Talbe Lamps left to right - Hopper; Towny; Bird; Hunt Fox

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